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8-fiber-based Data Center Fiber Cabling System

Corning recently announced the EDGE8 modular, pre-terminated optical fiber cabling system that features an 8 fiber cabling design intended to maximize per-rack-unit density. The EDGE8 system is based on 8 fiber MTP connectivity, which the company points out makes it “easy to match the fiber count in the backbone of data center networks and SANs with today’s Base-8 Quad Small Form Factor Pluggable transceivers. “This capability results in 100-percent fiber utilization, streamlined 1:1 port mapping, and up to 50-percent reduction in link attenuation by eliminating the need for conversion modules. EDGE8 furthers the benefits of Base-8 design with pinned MTP trunks that enable simple patch cable deployment and optimized harness mapping, resulting in no unused fiber/connectors. EDGE8 modules also offer a 30 percent improvement in insertion loss, resulting in longer duplex link distances.” Corning further explained that EDGE8 is “built on the foundation of Corning’s family of EDGE solutions … corning edge8

Driven by increasing adoption of cloud computing and a growing demand for streaming video, data centers and SANs are migrating to faster transmission speeds to find and send data back to consumers as quickly as possible. Corning’s EDGE8 is the most future-ready data center connectivity solution available for simple, efficient and cost-effective migration to transmission speeds up to 400 Gigabits per second.”

Stuart Hoiness, senior vice president of enterprise networks for Corning Optical Communications, added, “EDGE8 solutions help data center operators deliver an optimal end-user experience, while mitigating the uncertainty associated with ever-increasing transmission speeds and continually evolving standards. Installing a Base-8 cabling system like EDGE8 today provides the simplest, most-flexible path to 40, 100, and 400 Gigabits per second in the future.”

Fiber cabling system is developing fast to meet increasing optical transmission speed. For company in this industry, innovation is key important. Corning set up a good example for all. 

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