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About Us

QINGDAO FOCONEC TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD was founded with belief of initiating a faithful business of manufacturing fiber optic cabling and connectivity products for our high quality customers.

Leveraging years’ experience of serving our customers from developed markets, FOCONEC provides a wide range of cable connect products & solutions for data center, building backbones, FTTx, local & long distance networks. We help customers create reliable, intelligent and cost effective interconnections or cross connections through a comprehensive line of fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, racks, patch panels, enclosures, passive adaptors, attenuators, couplers/splitters, connectors etc. FOCONEC also supply customized & OEM connectivity products and solutions for our customers.

What FOCONEC offers:

The simplex / duplex fiber patch cord are built on indoor used simplex or duplex fiber cables, coming in both riser (PVC), plenum or LSZH jackets. The fiber types include single mode G652D, single modeG657A, ilMultimode 50/125, multimode 62.5/125, OM3, OM4 etc. With connectors terminated, we offer LC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ, DIN, D4, MU, E2000 fiber patch cords.

Our multi strand fiber optic patch cables are produced with indoor trunk or ribbon cables with 2 to max 144 cores with 900 μm diameters. For trunk cables with more than 24 cores, the fibers are bundled into subunits of 6-(24F), 8-(48F) or 12-fibers each. Each subunit is identified and the individual fibers within the subunits are color-coded. For ribbon cables, individual 250 μm bare fibers are constructed as a ribbon, each fiber color coded. Then the ribbon fibers are packed in one outer flat ribbon Jacket.

All the trunk or ribbon cables could be terminated with connectors one end(pigtail) or both ends.

Our rack / wall mount fiber enclosures are used to provides splicing and patching of fiber optic terminations. The rack mount fiber enclosures are available for 19 inch or 23 inch racks or cabinets. With standard 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U height, the splicing capacity covers a wide range of 12 to 288 fibers.

As a high density cabling solution, we offer Q-Conec rack or wall mount fiber enclousres using industry standard LGX adapter plates or panals. All panels can be ordered empty or pre-configured to your specifications. All Q-Conec fiber enclsoures feature front and rear latching doors and slide-out trays with stops to prevent stress on delicate fibers.

Our adapter panels, MPO cassettes and splitter modules are with standard LGX mounting holes(118.00mm), which could be used all rack or wall mount fiber enclosures, panels using LGX panels. Empty or fully loaded adapters are available as per customer requirement. Blank adapter panels are available and used to cover panel positions not used.

  • FTTH related FBT Couplers, PLC Splitters & Modules, Terminal Boxes, Outlet Boxes

As solution supplier of fiber connectivity products, we light splitting devices for FTTH. Our optical splitters are available in FBT and PLC types, which are widely used in PON, GEPON networks. For different installation requirement, our splitters have different package dimensions, such as small steel tube, cassette, tray or panel type. We also have terminal boxes, outlet boxes offered for fiber terminations, storage, which are pole mounted or wall mounted in corridor, home or office area.

  • Racks & Cabinets
  • Cabling Management Accessories
  • Fiber Splicing and Test Tools for field installation
  • OEM solutions

How FOCONEC deliver best service:

  • RoHS, UL Certified materials
  • Experienced engineer teams & long term trained workers
  • High quality production equipments
  • Whole process quality control and 100% test before delivery

Using high standard, certified materials and the latest technologies, we maximize our products performance to ensure compliance with industry standards for cabling system and designated applications.

Who FOCONEC serves:

  • Mobile Communications Operators
  • Telecom Products Distributor
  • Finance, Medical, Education
  • Enterprises
  • Government and Military

Our Mission:

FOCONEC is dedicated to be one of the best provider of fiber optic connectivity products for our global customers. and providing extensive connecvity solutions for fiber links, with exellent pre-sales and after-sales value-added services. Our sales & engineer teams are committed to understanding, meeting the requirements from different customers. For opportunities given to us, we will give you better advantage in your market. 


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